The Coronavirus has created a world-wide, existential re-set. We did not seek transformation, it found us, in the form of a tiny virus. Like an unexpected phone call the impetus for transformation just appeared. Joseph Campbell in his work on The Hero’s Journey identified patterns in how people and societies transform, that show up in our myths and […]


I’d like you all to imagine you’re an engineer, working on a NASA project, to launch a shuttle into space. Due to weather and other issues, the launch has been postponed 8 times, each costing NASA millions of dollars. The pressure is mounting to get this bird off the ground. The date is January 28th, […]


Business keeps score with hard facts because its survival is hard cash. Decisions, feedback, brainstorming, employee development operate under this paradigm of “facts are King”. Meanwhile, businesses are stepping up to the idea of being agents of social change. Because we spend most of our time at work, we are ever-increasingly aware of the effects […]


Everyone is a master. Yet we have a choice about which energy we master. We can work to master Abundance (Abundance = overflowing health, harmony and prosperity), or we will default to the scarcity mastery (scarcity = disease, conflict and financial worry) which we have inherited.   Everything in the Universe is made of energy and all energy […]


A few years ago on a family vacation, we sat in the choir stalls at Westminster Abbey — the 700-year-old English church — and listened to choir voices echo and then fade into the abbey’s ancient spaces. My normally fidgety son was glued to his seat, in complete awe. The summer before, we all stood […]


“Gen X and Gen Y employees don’t have a solid work ethic.” “Baby boomers are slow to change.” “The younger generation is one of entitlement.” “The older generation values money over a quality work environment.” You’ve heard these comments. You may have even made them. Whether they are true or not, baby boomers and younger […]


Now more than ever, it’s the time to decide if you are a leader or a follower. A client of mine wasn’t able to get a futurist to speak at an upcoming team building meeting. Instead, I spend hours watching TED talks and YouTube videos of experts in their fields make predictions about the future […]


When training your brain to work at its full potential, you should think of your brain as a gatekeeper for change. Give it what it wants, and it will help you evolve and grow into an effective leader. Don’t give it what it wants, and it might make you feel apathetic, dull, fearful of the […]


It is impossible to calculate the sales dollars lost when a salesperson misses important clues provided by the customer. We found that Fortune 500 top sales performers possess the ability to identify and respond to their client’s specific social styles. Studies indicate that when salespeople do not adjust their behaviors to the buyer’s, they experience […]