As tragic as they were, what lessons can the space shuttle Challenger and Columbia disasters teach us that we can apply in business? According to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, NASA never fixed the underlying institutional problems that led to the 1986 Challenger tragedy. As a result, many of them played a role in Columbia’s […]


Will Hope Help Us in 2010? The economy is supposedly slowing coming back. But we’re still facing high unemployment, record foreclosures and news of yet another unethical leader taking investors’ money. As we head into 2010, we’re tentative in our optimism against a backdrop of fear. Yet, when it comes to making positive change, does […]


Employees with digital influence have a lot to offer. Since shifting from a manufacturing to information economy managers and leaders have seen their job descriptions and annual reviews include the phrase “The ability to influence others” – sometimes without authority. Developing trusting relationships combined with good communication skills and a healthy amount of emotional intelligence […]