Nov 30 2017

How often do you feel there is more to complete in a day than there is time for?  As a leader, how often are you confronted by a project that seems too big to handle?  Utilizing some simple productivity tips can be your lifeline in today’s environment of doing more with less. Prioritize Before you […]

Nov 23 2017

Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect upon those things for which we are thankful.  The team here at MFI wanted to take this opportunity not only to thank our clients for your trust in us and for allowing us to support you in your efforts to reach your goals but also to share our […]

Oct 25 2017

How to keep talented employees motivated in tough times   Across the country, employees are tired of doing more work with fewer resources and little or no recognition.  Burnout is the new normal.  More than half of those surveyed by DDI, a talent-management firm, said their careers are stagnant and that they plan to look for […]

Oct 05 2017

What lessons can the space shuttle Challenger and Columbia disasters teach us that we can apply in business?   According to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, NASA never fixed the underlying institutional problems that led to the 1986 Challenger tragedy.  As a result, many of them played a role in Columbia’s doomed flight in February […]

Oct 04 2017

I’ll admit it.  I’m an email addict.  I’m a people-pleasing baby boomer who wants to be on the ball and prove my worth by the speed of my response.  On average I check email 30-40 times an hour: It’s the first thing I do in the morning, the last thing I do at night and […]

Oct 03 2017

  Why do so many people start a new business, only to fail?  According to the Commerce Department 80 percent of all new businesses close their doors within the first five years. Of those that survive another eight in ten will fail in the second five years.  There are thousands of books, tapes, seminars and […]

Sep 28 2017

Meetings have become the bane of business.  How many of you have gone to a meeting and left asking yourself: “What was the point of that? Why was I invited? Will any actions take place as a result of this meeting?” Sometimes just getting people to meetings is a trick in itself.  One company I […]

Sep 21 2017

The setting couldn’t have been better: The training room windows inside the lodge pole resort looked out onto a thick forest.  At the other end of the room, cushy leather chairs faced a fireplace. The food was gourmet-organic; and during breaks, we could take walks on the beach.  The environment was harmonious. Perfect!   For […]

Sep 20 2017

She was not unlike many others. In fact, her challenges were the most common I have seen in more than 18 years. Debbie was an accomplished worker. She was smart and motivated and after five years in her position, she got the nod to head the department. “I loved the recognition. It was what I […]

Sep 14 2017

Many organizations will discover too late that survival mode is no longer adequate. A shift has occurred, requiring leaders to exercise more than situational awareness used to identify immediate short-term financial trends. Leaders in the New Normal 2.0 must open their eyes to emerging, even sometimes barely detectable, long-term shifts in the societal and global […]