Hear Dean Newlund being interviewed recently on… Carlos Valdes-Dapena interviews Dean on Teaming with Ideas Dean shares with Carlos: Why we want to be working with companies that are bravely and body focusing on the future, Cultural resource management, Why intuition should come out of the closet and into the boardroom, How we […]


WHEN you need to buy a home in a very tight housing market, you’re willing to settle for a kitchen that’s not perfect or a backyard that needs work. In a very tight labor market, we often settle for a person who doesn’t fit our culture, and we take on the challenge to reform them later. One of my clients has 1000 open positions; another 3000. And while it’s essential to hire for culture, not just for skills, the reality is we will be inheriting issues in the people we hire.


    How To Lead In The New Normal Lessons from the Great Recession IN 2009, in the thick of the Great Recession, I wrote a white paper describing most companies’ challenges. I provided a framework for how they could emerge from the ashes of the economic downturn. As we come out of the COVID […]


    It’s time to start dreaming again Reject a mindset of fear Keywords: cultural resource management, importance of teamwork in the workplace, improve employee performance, organizational change management. SUPPOSE we are to fully recover from this pandemic. In that case, we have to recover our ability to think big, imagine a positive future, and believe we have the […]


  The future of leadership Redefining Leadership post COVID-19 WHEN LEADERS avoid conflict, accountability, and setting a bold vision, they become facilitators of consensus. By favoring the safer parts of leadership – listening, encouraging, supporting – these leaders silence their unique perspectives and skills. Creating a safe space for others to engage is paramount. But […]


    30 Days to Better Leadership Start by leading yourself GREAT leadership can be developed with the willingness to change, self-awareness, courage, and a commitment to translate knowledge into action, ideas into habits. Great leadership is all about improving employee performance through setting a compelling vision and guiding people toward it. We’ve designed a 30-day program with […]


  HOW TO CREATE REAL ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT Put engagement before planning When we try and create a “one team” culture, we align the wrong things at the wrong time. Typically, management defines the strategies, goals, roles, and metrics and cascades them throughout the organization. Then, they undergo a series of efforts to engage employees in […]


SOONER OR LATER, all leaders confront the tough decision of what to do about a toxic team member. Company culture, morale, high-performance teamwork, and productivity are at stake. It is the moment of truth for these leaders: Should I take action or tolerate the toxic behavior? Do we walk our talk, or are our values just fluff?”

There are many reasons why a leader faces the challenge of the toxic employ