Oct 22 2020

  DO WE EXPECT THE RIGHT THINGS FROM OUR PEOPLE? Creating human-centric expectations. Since the dawn of the scientific revolution, humans have sought to control their external environment. Yet, our environment around us influences behaviors and decisions much more than we are aware of. A couple of examples: To protect itself from predators, the cuttlefish […]

Oct 09 2020

  SIMPLIFYING CHANGE How to influence others for positive results. WE HEAR ALL the time that change is hard. Yes, our brains want us to reach a place of stasis—a place where we can relax without stress. However, depression is often a life without enough change. Think about what happens when we procrastinate and avoid […]

Oct 08 2020

  MUST-READ BOOKS ON LEADERSHIP Game plans for success. SO MANY PEOPLE are given the title of a leader when they don’t have experience or education with what it means to be a leader.  This ‘sink or swim’ approach can work, but it often takes a long time for a leader to understand what their […]

Oct 07 2020

  LEARNING FOUNDATIONS How leaders, teams, and organizations learn and grow. AFTER 28 years of working with thousands of leaders, teams, companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies and municipalities, school systems, and universities in the US and 19 companies, we’ve observed a few patterns in how learning occurs. Behavior follows perceptions.  Leaders who successfully change their behavior […]

Oct 05 2020

  View this email in your browser Hear Dean Newlund being interviewed recently on… Listen to this week’s interview by Rewire THE IMPORTANCE OF PRESENCE, PURPOSE & PLAY In this episode, Jason and Dean discuss: Dean and his company work with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions around the country and the globe training teams in […]

Sep 28 2020

    Hear Dean Newlund being interviewed recently on… Listen to this week’s interview by CLAXON THE POWER OF A GREAT MISSION STATEMENT In this episode, Erica and Dean discuss: Mission statements generation, differences, and similarities between businesses. Creating for a purpose greater than ourselves, to be part of a community. Utilizing intuition in business to […]

Sep 24 2020

  A NEW MINDSET FOR ENGAGEMENT We manage the way we parent.  .  AT WORK, we performance-manage our employees the way we parent our kids at home. You want your child to take initiative to do their homework, complete their chores and treat their siblings with respect, so you create the conditions for them to behave […]

Sep 24 2020

    TO LEAD OR TO REACT? Why the world needs leaders to shape a positive future IF YOU LISTEN to futurists today share their ideas of what’s to come tomorrow, you’d think you stumbled onto a science fiction channel. And even if half of what we hear is non-fiction, it’s abundantly clear we’re just beginning […]

Sep 16 2020

  A NEW APPROACH TO BUDGET SEASON We don’t need to suffer yet another loss. UNDER A NORMAL YEAR, the fall budget season is never pleasant.  Each department-head has to justify their expenses or be told how much to cut.  This year, most companies saw their 2020 budget blown apart by having to shut down some or […]

Sep 14 2020

    LEADING OR SURVIVING CHANGE? Approach to the budget season will set the tone for 2021   ARE YOU GOING to avoid it, survive it, or help lead it? A loss-mindset uses fear and control to avoid losing love, connection, and security.  A reinvention-mindset uses courage and discipline to uncover blind spots and opportunities to […]