The Coronavirus has created a world-wide, existential re-set. We did not seek transformation, it found us, in the form of a tiny virus. Like an unexpected phone call the impetus for transformation just appeared. Joseph Campbell in his work on The Hero’s Journey identified patterns in how people and societies transform, that show up in our myths and […]


I’d like you all to imagine you’re an engineer, working on a NASA project, to launch a shuttle into space. Due to weather and other issues, the launch has been postponed 8 times, each costing NASA millions of dollars. The pressure is mounting to get this bird off the ground. The date is January 28th, […]


The ups and downs of an employment market and the surges and retreats of technology operate under a paradigm that problems are solved and decisions are made based on rational, data-based intellectual prowess. On the other side of the scale, we’ve grown our emotional intelligence. But, we still put a disproportionate value on how intellectually […]


Dean Newlund shares his deep insights and vast experience coaching and training leaders across organizations to achieve success. In a recent application to an upcoming TEDx in Phoenix 2019, Dean Newlund of Mission Facilitators provides his thoughts and ideas which he hopes he can share with the local community. TEDx events, aim to offer […]


This conversation with Dean Newlund covers leadership insights based on his years of experience as a leadership expert and trainer for large organizations. Dean is CEO of Mission Facilitators International, a 25-year-old boutique team-based development firm with offices in Phoenix and Bend. He has developed and facilitated hundreds of training programs for small to large […]


Many organizations see their survival and growth in acquiring other companies. AT&T just bought Time Warner, CVS might purchase Aetna and Amazon recently added Whole Foods to its portfolio. The economy-of-scale, overpowering or eliminating competition and expanding new IP, tools and customer bases are just some of the attractive reasons why this year companies have […]


The speed of change right now is the slowest it will ever be for the rest our lives. In such a wild and crazy world of Uber-speed, the requirements for keeping pace or leading the pack is innovation and disruption. Innovations are improvements while disruptions are game changers. PowerPoint was an innovation to how we communicate while the […]


Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said this week he wants everyone to stop searching for their life purpose. He cites the millions of dollars spent in self-help books, seminars, sabbaticals and life coaches, all designed to help us discover and define our purpose in life. His point is that there is only one real life purpose: […]