Business keeps score with hard facts because its survival is hard cash. Decisions, feedback, brainstorming, employee development operate under this paradigm of “facts are King”. Meanwhile, businesses are stepping up to the idea of being agents of social change. Because we spend most of our time at work, we are ever-increasingly aware of the effects […]


Balancing work and home life is a challenge for many. As actors in our own lives, we hold many leading roles (parent, spouse, caregiver, friend, employee, etc.) which are often competing for time and attention. Attending to all these roles and responsibilities is quite a juggling act which from time to time can be overwhelming. […]


Are you intimidated by leaders? Are you intimidated to be leader? Do you think that you lack the worth to deserve the title? Where does that attitude come from? Maybe you lack experience and therefore assume that if you haven’t done it before then you can’t do it. Everything you do adds to your experience. […]


Being fired from a job is one of life’s top 10 stressors, according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, designed to evaluate how stressful events will impact one’s health. That’s why I recommend that one of the first things to do when you’re downsized is get support so you can vent your feelings.   Your […]


Although many coach trainees engage in mentoring as a credentialing requirement, the opportunity to participate in this self-directed learning is an excellent investment in yourself on both a professional and personal level. The support that comes from a coach mentor brings your learning to a different mastery level.Mentoring is a time to look at how […]


  Sharing an article written by Crystal Ponti – November 26, 2017, for the December 2017 issue of Success Magazine   Know your strengths to focus your vision and boost performance.   “Play to your strengths.” You might read it on a billboard or a T-shirt. But what does it really mean? I’ve always assumed […]


How often do you feel there is more to complete in a day than there is time for? As a leader, how often are you confronted by a project that seems too big to handle? Utilizing some simple productivity tips can be your lifeline in today’s environment of doing more with less. Prioritize Before you […]


So you have a new project in mind—a major undertaking, a shift in direction, the kind of thing that will put your company on the map or reaffirm its dominance in the market. And you are feeling a little… overwhelmed. This leadership thing is not for the faint of heart. Even after all of these years, a […]