When training your brain to work at its full potential, you should think of your brain as a gatekeeper for change. Give it what it wants, and it will help you evolve and grow into an effective leader. Don’t give it what it wants, and it might make you feel apathetic, dull, fearful of the […]


My passion is helping leaders find their purpose. It is helping them to identify what it is that provides the motivation to move their teams from good to great. When working with leaders who wish to inspire action within their organization, I like to share Simon Sinek’s TED talk titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” This […]


It is impossible to calculate the sales dollars lost when a salesperson misses important clues provided by the customer. We found that Fortune 500 top sales performers possess the ability to identify and respond to their client’s specific social styles. Studies indicate that when salespeople do not adjust their behaviors to the buyer’s, they experience […]


Human social evolution lags behind technology. And usually, after social evolution comes political evolution. As technology speeds up, the faster we judge other people. It is the openness to respecting differences that sets those who will thrive from those who will not. Google estimates it takes less than a second for a person to form […]


This summer is our 25th year! A chance to reflect, rebrand and grow. While I’m delighted to reach this milestone, it’s clients who’ve made our work possible. I’ve always believed true genius doesn’t always come from the facilitator, coach or trainer, but mostly it comes from the clients they serve. Our job is to guide you […]


My friend Anton, who is Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Health, and I were prepping for an upcoming team-development event when he shared the name of his presentation for this event: Good leaders are losers. This oxymoronic title provoked the questions: Why? Aren’t good leaders winners? Isn’t the point of leadership based on the goal […]


We deal on a daily basis with executives and teams who want to focus on personal and career development, increase their leadership skills, and transform their career. I frequently find myself thinking of examples in my own life that align with those of my clients. For example, yesterday I was on the paddleboard and noticed […]


I seldom pause a television show to rewind back to a line delivered by a character just so I can write it down, but tonight I did. The eldest daughter in Madame Secretary commented on college students protesting the Peruvian government. The line that got me to reach for the rewind button on the remote […]