I seldom pause a television show to rewind back to a line delivered by a character just so I can write it down, but tonight I did. The eldest daughter in Madame Secretary commented on college students protesting the Peruvian government. The line that got me to reach for the rewind button on the remote […]


Great leaders architect moments. Their energy, focus, and agility, attracts others to experience what they experience. Like a full breath during a walk in the forest, or relaxed shoulders when entering a stained glass cathedral, a physiological reaction takes place when we’re around positive, inspiring, soothing, and grounded leaders.   Davis, an architecture and design […]


  Productivity has stalled because employees feel they no longer have to work as hard to keep their jobs, and not since the iPhone have we seen a breakthrough technology change the way we work. Economic gyrations and game-changing technologies happen cyclically. Our nine-year bullish economy will be replaced with another recession and new technologies […]


Can you will inspiration? This question comes to me as I sit in an airport, tired, ready to board my 6th flight in 36 hours. My brain feels as foggy as a San Francisco morning or dry as a piece of toast discovered in the toaster a week after it was placed there. To meet […]


Bill has been struggling in his new Vice President role. Three high profile projects have gone south under his leadership in the last 4 months. The COO and CEO are beginning to question their decision to promote him. A self-professed people pleaser, Bill’s long hours and dedication come from a deep desire to prove his […]


It seems everyone is working so hard on their particular area they don’t have the luxury of time to pull their heads up from their desks and get a broader view of the business. To them, being strategic feels like one more thing to do. I think people naturally want to think “big picture.” We […]