Even with all the assessments, scorecards and performance reviews, there appears to be a growing chasm between performance and perception. Why just yesterday a coaching client of mine – we’ll call him Tom – scratched his head when saying, “I thought my work would speak for itself. Now it appears, that in addition to my […]


Would 30 billion in cost savings or added productivity make a difference to our lagging economy? I think so. To get that huge number wouldn’t require a government bailout or an act of Congress. It’s would be much simpler than that, involving ground-up involvement. Consider these facts. Each day 11 million meetings take […]


The setting couldn’t have been better: The training room windows inside the lodge pole looked out onto a thick forest. At the other end of the room cushy leather chairs faced a fireplace. The food was gourmet-organic and during breaks we could take walks on the beach. The environment was harmonious. Perfect! For the 15 […]


Imagine you’re a mountain climber. Your goal is to scale the world’s top three peaks. Each will require great effort and sacrifice. However, you determine you only have enough energy to climb one. So you choose the most popular mountain. You make it to the top and experience the thrill of success. However, a deep […]


As tragic as they were, what lessons can the space shuttle Challenger and Columbia disasters teach us that we can apply in business? According to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, NASA never fixed the underlying institutional problems that led to the 1986 Challenger tragedy. As a result, many of them played a role in Columbia’s […]