OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND Look for the friction. WHEN THERE IS FEAR in the economy most play it safe and hope for better days. When the stock market goes down many of us sell. When the housing market is weak, we postpone buying a new home. When pandemics bring uncertainty, we stop investing in marketing and training. But as […]


  MANAGING THE TOXIC EMPLOYEE You get what you tolerate. AT SOME POINT in a leader’s career, they’re confronted with the tough decision of what to do about a toxic team member. Executive team development is at stake. Leaders sometimes inherit this tough challenge when they take over a team, or when the bar is raised […]


  A RENEWED FOCUS ON FAMILY How the pandemic is changing how we teach values. IS IT POSSIBLE that one of the unintended, positive consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic is that the teaching of values will move away from schools and back to the family unit? Since the 1960’s when it became more common for […]


  A WORKFORCE OF ADDICTS A hidden barrier to a healthy company culture. WHAT POPULAR business tool is referred to in these studies? “… brain drain that diminishes learning, logical reasoning, problem solving and creativity.” – Journal of the Association for Consumer Research “The mere presence of (this tool) inhibited the development of interpersonal closeness and trust.” […]


    PUT YOUR GOALS ON A DIET Overcommitting creates diminishing returns. YOU ARE THE LINK between vision and action, the connective tissue between potential and success. While senior leaders develop strategies, you and your team bring them to life. You constantly make do with less. You’re a highly ambitious leader known for getting stuff done. You’ve always […]


    A SIMPLE TOOL WE SELDOM USE Creating the conditions for executive team development IMAGINE YOU were given a tool that could do the following: Improve your culture change management, Connect you with others in a meaningful way, Provide you access to vast amounts of creativity, great ideas and innovation, Bring you a sense of […]


  Accountability is about what not to do Knowing when it isn’t your business. \ TAKE A LOOK AROUND – at your employees or leaders at work, kids or family members at home, politicians or candidates in government or at yourself in how you conduct your life – and you’ll see plenty of reasons why […]


  THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ISN’T ENOUGH Why being an ideal leader is more important. IN THE EARLY 17TH CENTURY philosopher René Descartes’ famous “I think, therefore I am” statement and Issac Newton’s Principia Mathmatica ushered in the scientific age, or as it is also referred, the age of enlightenment. Ideas and thoughts were no longer the property of […]


    HOW TO IMPLEMENT YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN The myths, the truths and the processes. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just finished that two-day offsite (or zoom) session to develop your strategic plan and do some executive team development. You’ve done an excellent job of getting all the stakeholders involved in defining your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and […]