A HISTORY LESSON IN DISRUPTION How can the past provide clues for the future? AFTER THE CIVIAL WAR the United States was flooded with immigrants looking for new opportunities and a better life. The infusion of cheap labor helped transform the landscape of business from family-owned shops to large manufacturing companies. The Industrial Age brought with […]


  COACHING CLARIFIED What it is, isn’t, and how it helps transform companies THE GREEN LIGHT indicated we were live, and the host of the business radio show turned to me, and said, “We have Dean Newlund here today. Dean is a coach. Dean, which professional sports team do you coach for?” The year was 1995 and […]


    CUSTOMIZE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE What works for one company may not for another. WE ALL KNOW too well that one style of leadership is not appropriate for all employees nor for all situations. Paul Hersey writes a lot about this in his book, The Situational Leader. Customers are the same way. Each has their own needs and desires […]


  SERVICE IS UNDER ASSAULT Stand out with great service during COVID THE COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on customer service. And those that can keep their customers happy will be more noticeable than those that don’t. Recently I had these 4 experiences: Delta announced a 9 hour wait time to talk to an agent. Shirts […]


  4th of July Wish: GET CREATIVE Our country was founded on creativity “ACCESS TO TALENTED and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steel-making”, according to author and thought-leader, Richard Florida. A common response we hear is that creativity is limited to a small group of people […]


    HOW TO BRING HAPPINESS TO WORK A happy brain outperforms a negative brain THE MAJORITY of the information we are fed every day is not positive. The news is about murder, corruption, natural disasters and diseases, like COVID-19. Quickly our brains start to think that’s the accurate ratio of negative to positive in […]