Jun 26 2020

  START REBOUNDING How to be free and get connected I GET IT. YOU WANT to be rid of the fear that holds you back. You somehow know that on the other side of all of this stress is freedom and connection; connection to yourself, your body, your highest and best, your true-blue friends and die-hard […]

Jun 24 2020

    WHY WE NEED WE NEED A STRATEGY FOR STRESS Rebounding from COVID-19 needs a focus on resilience THE SECOND PANDEMIC has hit, and it is not a virus but the insidious, and growing level of stress.  Our emotional immune systems are burned out and many of us are now in a state of managed […]

Jun 17 2020

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* HOW TEAMS DEVELOP RESILIENCE Leaders who value resilience also create high performing teams TEAMS, NOT JUST INDIVIDUALS, need to be resilient.  Here are 5 steps teams can take to develop resilience.  Make resilience a commitment.  If we use yesterday’s thinking to solve today’s problem, we will only recreate history.  If we complained of working too hard last […]

May 24 2020

    LET’S DO THIS! A Guide to Taking Charge of Our Lives THE SPEED OF CHANGE offers up many challenges and opportunities. We live in an ADD world.  With literally billions of bits of information bombarding us every day the new currency is attention and the new survival mechanism is to ignore. In order to survive […]

May 15 2020

  HOW TO IMPROVE TIME MANAGEMENT Put structure back into your life. HOW DO YOU GET WORK  done without depleting your energy, spirit and creativity? 1. Remove roadblocks.   2. Increase energy.   3. Focus actions. Remove distractions: Cancel all unnecessary meetings. Those that are necessary, use them to make key decisions not just exchange information. Clear the decks […]

May 07 2020

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   RESOLVING CONFLICT IS KEY TO ENGAGEMENT To build a learning culture don’t avoid conflict. IF YOU BELIEVE FRIENDSHIPS, marriages, teams and companies grow and die one conversation at a time then everyone should make effective communication a top priority. And if that were to happen, we have to get really good at managing […]

Dec 19 2017

Balancing work and home life is a challenge for many. As actors in our own lives, we hold many leading roles (parent, spouse, caregiver, friend, employee, etc.) which are often competing for time and attention.  Attending to all these roles and responsibilities is quite a juggling act which from time to time can be overwhelming. […]

Aug 16 2017

  Productivity has stalled because employees feel they no longer have to work as hard to keep their jobs, and not since the iPhone have we seen a breakthrough technology change the way we work. Economic gyrations and game-changing technologies happen cyclically. Our nine-year bullish economy will be replaced with another recession and new technologies […]

Jun 17 2013

In an average week I may interact with 10-20 clients in my role as an executive coach and strategic facilitator, and it seems that everyone has been experiencing the same thing; increasing levels of stress.   One person I talked to last week admitted being addicted to stress; and then followed by saying “what am […]