Aug 07 2020

  Changing Relationships Tiz the season for self-reflection FOR THE FIRST TIME in years, families and friends are re-examining their relationships just as companies, organizations, and governments are re-examining why they exist. Gone are unconscious connections replaced by the choice to connect or not to connect.  Before COVID many relationships were supported by routine, habit, and convenience. […]

Jul 01 2020

    LEARNING NEEDS A NEW APPROACH New challenges don’t have to hold back new ideas. IF YOUR SPEED OF LEARNING isn’t faster than the speed of change, you will fall behind. Employees who don’t learn maintain the status quo. Helping create a workforce that is always learning is difficult.  Conflicting priorities, lack of resources, antiquated […]

Jun 05 2020

    HOW CAN I GET BETTER AT DEALING WITH CONFLICT? All battles are battles with the self MANY YOUNG PEOPLE GREW UP up thinking that all conflict is injustice. That’s what you get for giving every kid a trophy for showing up for baseball and football.  I see many opportunities for teamwork, leadership, innovation, collaboration, healthy cultures, […]

Jun 04 2020

    IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY BUT HOW YOU SAY IT. If your style doesn’t match the needs of your audience, don’t bother. COMMUNICATION IS THE LIFEBLOOD of any business or team. But if your style rubs others the wrong way they won’t listen to the content of your message.  Communication agility is key.  Here are the […]

May 27 2020

    HOW TO GET A SEAT AT THE TABLE Adopt a 6-part framework AS AN HR LEADER YOU are tasked with building an innovative workforce to move the company forward, supporting employees who fear speaking up to their supervisors, developing managers hesitant to lead, and building teams that stumble without cohesion.  Here are a set of […]

May 27 2020

    HOW TO LEAD THROUGH FEAR AND ISOLATION 10 steps to build connection and engagement. THE CORONAVIRUS HAS CAUSED all of us to experience our greatest fears of being excluded and losing control. On top of that, the number of employees working from has shot up from 16 to over 60%. Working virtually has major […]

May 22 2020

  THE BEST RESULTS COME FROM THE BEST QUESTIONS Ask and you shall receive THE QUALITY OF HOW WE MAKE DECISIONS, pursue opportunities, solve problems and develop new ideas is based on the quality of the questions we ask. That all makes sense, but remember the child told to do the right thing, the student […]

May 21 2020

<!doctype html> *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   View this email in your browser FINANCIAL LITERACY OPENS DOORS Know how the business keeps score. IN BUSINESS, A LANGUAGE OFTEN SPOKEN is finance.   Those that speak and understand it are more able to contribute and make decisions than those that don’t.  Learn to speak finance and you immediately become more employable, promotable and valuable. In […]

May 20 2020

    EMPLOYEES WITH DIGITAL INFLUENCE HAVE A LOT TO OFFER It’s not just who you know, but who you know online, that matters. MANAGER AND LEADERS  have seen their job descriptions and annual reviews include the phrase “The ability to influence others”.  Developing trusting relationships combined with good communication skills and a healthy amount of emotional […]