Jun 26 2020

  START REBOUNDING How to be free and get connected I GET IT. YOU WANT to be rid of the fear that holds you back. You somehow know that on the other side of all of this stress is freedom and connection; connection to yourself, your body, your highest and best, your true-blue friends and die-hard […]

Jun 24 2020

    WHY WE NEED WE NEED A STRATEGY FOR STRESS Rebounding from COVID-19 needs a focus on resilience THE SECOND PANDEMIC has hit, and it is not a virus but the insidious, and growing level of stress.  Our emotional immune systems are burned out and many of us are now in a state of managed […]

Jun 15 2020

  View this email in your browser HOW TO RECLAIM OUR CONFIDENCE Balance reality with hope MANY OF US LONG for what it was like in January.  Back then we were confident, bold, full of hope and expectation.  We posted on social media how glad we were of getting past the challenges of 2019; that 2020 was […]

May 27 2020

    HOW TO LEAD THROUGH FEAR AND ISOLATION 10 steps to build connection and engagement. THE CORONAVIRUS HAS CAUSED all of us to experience our greatest fears of being excluded and losing control. On top of that, the number of employees working from has shot up from 16 to over 60%. Working virtually has major […]

May 26 2020

    HOW TO PLAN IN A TURBULENT WORLD The key is applying master disciplines NEXT-GENERATION companies recognize that the planning process of developing their mission statements can be as important as the final product. First, they are aware of 5 common challenges; adjusting to the changed economic environment, maintaining worker productivity, keeping profit margins, adjusting […]

May 24 2020

    LET’S DO THIS! A Guide to Taking Charge of Our Lives THE SPEED OF CHANGE offers up many challenges and opportunities. We live in an ADD world.  With literally billions of bits of information bombarding us every day the new currency is attention and the new survival mechanism is to ignore. In order to survive […]

Apr 05 2020

The Coronavirus has created a world-wide, existential re-set.  We did not seek transformation, it found us, in the form of a tiny virus.   Like an unexpected phone call the impetus for transformation just appeared.  Joseph Campbell in his work on The Hero’s Journey identified patterns in how people and societies transform, that show up in our myths and […]