Jun 01 2020

        GOOD NEGOTIATION REQUIRES A PLAN       Understanding Human Dynamics Gives you a Leg Up               NEGOTIATION IS SOMETHING WE ALL DO a lot of in business.   When a member of your team has a different idea about a project, or when a client wants you to […]

May 21 2020

<!doctype html> *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   View this email in your browser FINANCIAL LITERACY OPENS DOORS Know how the business keeps score. IN BUSINESS, A LANGUAGE OFTEN SPOKEN is finance.   Those that speak and understand it are more able to contribute and make decisions than those that don’t.  Learn to speak finance and you immediately become more employable, promotable and valuable. In […]

Sep 14 2017

Many organizations will discover too late that survival mode is no longer adequate. A shift has occurred, requiring leaders to exercise more than situational awareness used to identify immediate short-term financial trends. Leaders in the New Normal 2.0 must open their eyes to emerging, even sometimes barely detectable, long-term shifts in the societal and global […]