Jul 02 2020

    HOW TO BRING HAPPINESS TO WORK A happy brain outperforms a negative brain THE MAJORITY of the information we are fed every day is not positive. The news is about murder, corruption, natural disasters and diseases, like COVID-19. Quickly our brains start to think that’s the accurate ratio of negative to positive in […]

Jun 22 2020

  WHY YOUR CULTURE-BUILDING EFFORTS OFTEN FAIL Redefine culture and make it a part of how you do business. MANY OF US TOSS around the word “culture” like we do our business cards at a networking event. We know it’s important. Yet, we don’t know how to define it, nor how to create it.  We […]

Jun 17 2020

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* HOW TEAMS DEVELOP RESILIENCE Leaders who value resilience also create high performing teams TEAMS, NOT JUST INDIVIDUALS, need to be resilient.  Here are 5 steps teams can take to develop resilience.  Make resilience a commitment.  If we use yesterday’s thinking to solve today’s problem, we will only recreate history.  If we complained of working too hard last […]

May 24 2020

    LET’S DO THIS! A Guide to Taking Charge of Our Lives THE SPEED OF CHANGE offers up many challenges and opportunities. We live in an ADD world.  With literally billions of bits of information bombarding us every day the new currency is attention and the new survival mechanism is to ignore. In order to survive […]

May 15 2020

  HOW TO IMPROVE TIME MANAGEMENT Put structure back into your life. HOW DO YOU GET WORK  done without depleting your energy, spirit and creativity? 1. Remove roadblocks.   2. Increase energy.   3. Focus actions. Remove distractions: Cancel all unnecessary meetings. Those that are necessary, use them to make key decisions not just exchange information. Clear the decks […]

Nov 23 2017

Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect upon those things for which we are thankful.  The team here at MFI wanted to take this opportunity not only to thank our clients for your trust in us and for allowing us to support you in your efforts to reach your goals but also to share our […]

Sep 26 2017

“Gen X and Gen Y employees don’t have a solid work ethic.”  “Baby boomers are slow to change.” “The younger generation is one of entitlement.”  “The older generation values money over a quality work environment.” You’ve heard these comments. You may have even made them.  Whether they are true or not, baby boomers and younger […]

Sep 01 2017

This summer is our 25th year!  A chance to reflect, rebrand and grow. While I’m delighted to reach this milestone, it’s clients who’ve made our work possible.  I’ve always believed true genius doesn’t always come from the facilitator, coach or trainer, but mostly it comes from the clients they serve.  Our job is to guide you […]

Aug 21 2017

Great leaders architect moments. Their energy, focus, and agility, attracts others to experience what they experience. Like a full breath during a walk in the forest, or relaxed shoulders when entering a stained glass cathedral, a physiological reaction takes place when we’re around positive, inspiring, soothing, and grounded leaders.   Davis, an architecture and design […]