Jul 02 2020

    HOW TO BRING HAPPINESS TO WORK A happy brain outperforms a negative brain THE MAJORITY of the information we are fed every day is not positive. The news is about murder, corruption, natural disasters and diseases, like COVID-19. Quickly our brains start to think that’s the accurate ratio of negative to positive in […]

Jun 22 2020

  WHY YOUR CULTURE-BUILDING EFFORTS OFTEN FAIL Redefine culture and make it a part of how you do business. MANY OF US TOSS around the word “culture” like we do our business cards at a networking event. We know it’s important. Yet, we don’t know how to define it, nor how to create it.  We […]

Jun 12 2018

The speed of change right now is the slowest it will ever be for the rest our lives.  In such a wild and crazy world of Uber-speed, the requirements for keeping pace or leading the pack is innovation and disruption.  Innovations are improvements while disruptions are game changers.  PowerPoint was an innovation to how we communicate while the […]