Aug 10 2020

  \ THE ISSUE WITH MOTIVATION Act on principles not just on feeling   THE US TRADITION of motivation can be found in a rehearsal for the movie, Marathon Man with British actor, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Dustin Hoffman.  In the script, Hoffman’s character is supposed to walk from one side of the room to the […]

Jul 29 2020

    PUT YOUR GOALS ON A DIET Overcommitting creates diminishing returns. YOU ARE THE LINK between vision and action, the connective tissue between potential and success.  While senior leaders develop strategies, you and your team bring them to life.  You constantly make do with less. You’re a highly ambitious leader known for getting stuff done.  You’ve always […]

Jul 23 2020

  THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ISN’T ENOUGH Why being an ideal leader is more important. IN THE EARLY 17TH CENTURY philosopher René Descartes’ famous “I think, therefore I am” statement and Issac Newton’s Principia Mathmatica ushered in the scientific age, or as it is also referred, the age of enlightenment.  Ideas and thoughts were no longer the property of […]

Jul 15 2020

  COACHING CLARIFIED What it is, isn’t, and how it helps transform companies THE GREEN LIGHT indicated we were live, and the host of the business radio show turned to me, and said, “We have Dean Newlund here today. Dean is a coach.  Dean, which professional sports team do you coach for?”  The year was 1995 and […]