Jun 01 2020

        GOOD NEGOTIATION REQUIRES A PLAN       Understanding Human Dynamics Gives you a Leg Up               NEGOTIATION IS SOMETHING WE ALL DO a lot of in business.   When a member of your team has a different idea about a project, or when a client wants you to […]

May 22 2020

  THE BEST RESULTS COME FROM THE BEST QUESTIONS Ask and you shall receive THE QUALITY OF HOW WE MAKE DECISIONS, pursue opportunities, solve problems and develop new ideas is based on the quality of the questions we ask. That all makes sense, but remember the child told to do the right thing, the student […]

Oct 17 2017

Everyone is a master.  Yet we have a choice about which energy we master.  We can work to master Abundance (Abundance = overflowing health, harmony and prosperity), or we will default to the scarcity mastery (scarcity = disease, conflict and financial worry) which we have inherited.   Everything in the Universe is made of energy and all energy […]