Jun 11 2020

  HIGH PERFORMANCE NEEDS THE RIGHT FOCUS Passion, Capability and Organizational Need is key. IF YOUR EMPLOYEES lack the right focus, you’re losing performance, innovation and engagement. Steven Covey in his classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, suggest we should focus on “important but not urgent tasks”.  But I wonder: Even if we do, […]

May 27 2020

    HOW TO LEAD THROUGH FEAR AND ISOLATION 10 steps to build connection and engagement. THE CORONAVIRUS HAS CAUSED all of us to experience our greatest fears of being excluded and losing control. On top of that, the number of employees working from has shot up from 16 to over 60%. Working virtually has major […]

May 20 2020

    EMPLOYEES WITH DIGITAL INFLUENCE HAVE A LOT TO OFFER It’s not just who you know, but who you know online, that matters. MANAGER AND LEADERS  have seen their job descriptions and annual reviews include the phrase “The ability to influence others”.  Developing trusting relationships combined with good communication skills and a healthy amount of emotional […]

May 15 2020

  HOW TO IMPROVE TIME MANAGEMENT Put structure back into your life. HOW DO YOU GET WORK  done without depleting your energy, spirit and creativity? 1. Remove roadblocks.   2. Increase energy.   3. Focus actions. Remove distractions: Cancel all unnecessary meetings. Those that are necessary, use them to make key decisions not just exchange information. Clear the decks […]

Nov 30 2017

How often do you feel there is more to complete in a day than there is time for?  As a leader, how often are you confronted by a project that seems too big to handle?  Utilizing some simple productivity tips can be your lifeline in today’s environment of doing more with less. Prioritize Before you […]

Sep 28 2017

Meetings have become the bane of business.  How many of you have gone to a meeting and left asking yourself: “What was the point of that? Why was I invited? Will any actions take place as a result of this meeting?” Sometimes just getting people to meetings is a trick in itself.  One company I […]