Jun 25 2020

    SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOT SYMPTOMS What appears as complex is avoidance of the truth ONE OF A LEADER’S JOB is to identify and solve problems. Too often, we address symptoms masked as the root cause of a problem. It’s no wonder why leaders are spinning their wheels or feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of […]

Jun 24 2020

    WHY WE NEED WE NEED A STRATEGY FOR STRESS Rebounding from COVID-19 needs a focus on resilience THE SECOND PANDEMIC has hit, and it is not a virus but the insidious, and growing level of stress.  Our emotional immune systems are burned out and many of us are now in a state of managed […]

Jun 17 2020

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* HOW TEAMS DEVELOP RESILIENCE Leaders who value resilience also create high performing teams TEAMS, NOT JUST INDIVIDUALS, need to be resilient.  Here are 5 steps teams can take to develop resilience.  Make resilience a commitment.  If we use yesterday’s thinking to solve today’s problem, we will only recreate history.  If we complained of working too hard last […]