Jun 12 2018

The speed of change right now is the slowest it will ever be for the rest our lives.  In such a wild and crazy world of Uber-speed, the requirements for keeping pace or leading the pack is innovation and disruption.  Innovations are improvements while disruptions are game changers.  PowerPoint was an innovation to how we communicate while the […]

Jan 10 2018

John Rampton – Success.com  December 31, 2015 Leaders have a lot to do, so sometimes they forget things—important, big-picture things. Leaders might seem superhuman at times. They aren’t. They’re mortals, just like anyone else. And with a lot on their plates, caught up in the details of their role, they can forget to do things—big-picture […]

Oct 25 2017

How to keep talented employees motivated in tough times   Across the country, employees are tired of doing more work with fewer resources and little or no recognition.  Burnout is the new normal.  More than half of those surveyed by DDI, a talent-management firm, said their careers are stagnant and that they plan to look for […]

Oct 18 2017

It appears we’ve entered the age of narcissism, for reasons that include fear for our own well-being, companies that measure and reward individual instead of team results, a new generation of employees who feel more entitled than their older peers and a U.S. culture that reveres individual success.   Let’s face it, some amount of […]

Oct 10 2017

In a 2015 Gallup survey, more than half of iPhone owners said that they couldn’t imagine life without the device.   Adrien Ward, a cognitive psychologist and marketing professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has spent a decade studying the way smart-phones and the internet affect our thoughts and judgments. In his own work, […]

Oct 04 2017

I’ll admit it.  I’m an email addict.  I’m a people-pleasing baby boomer who wants to be on the ball and prove my worth by the speed of my response.  On average I check email 30-40 times an hour: It’s the first thing I do in the morning, the last thing I do at night and […]

Sep 27 2017

In what people are calling a tumultuous year of change it seems appropriate to re-examine how we succeed and how we fail at change.   Harvard business professor and author John Kotter states business leaders are more successful if they connect change to a positive emotion, and more likely to fail if they associate it only with negative feelings, […]