Joanne Newlund

Coach / Facilitator

Joanne Newlund is a coach and facilitator at Mission Facilitators. She works to help individual leaders and their teams understand, use and perfect the intuitive side of leadership and the creative side of leading teams and companies. Joanne has advanced training in executive coaching, emotional intelligence and has owned and lead several successful businesses. At Mission Facilitators, she is a senior associate with experience in coaching and facilitating team building training for small to large companies, such as Microsoft, Boeing, Parker Aerospace, San Marco Unified School District and Geiger-Cribbins.

Joanne’s experience matches McKinsey and Company’s 10-year global study of senior knowledge workers that found employees who spend the most time trusting their intuition and experiencing the creative state of “flow”, are up to five times more effective as their counterparts.

Joanne’s three-part process overlays her coaching, speaking and training.
1.Discovering: Identifying intuition and flow from other leadership approaches and when to use which.
2. Preparing: Creating the conditions for flow and intuition so they take root and grow.
3. Leading: Bringing flow and intuition into the workplace by connecting the dots to data and traditional decision making.

Joanne is asked to speak on the subject of intuition and flow in corporate America. She has traveled around the world, studied and participated in industries known for creativity, like design, art, homeopathic healing. She spends most of her time now in Bend, Oregon or Phoenix Arizona.