Todd Gibbs, Ph.D.

With over twenty-five years of professional experience, Todd has been ceaselessly committed to promoting positive change in individuals, groups, and organizations. He integrates his capacities for strategic thinking and creativity with a kind and compassionate heart to help others relinquish the status quo in order to identify and pursue valued opportunities for greater awareness and growth. He brings extensive experience at the highest level in research and analysis and harnesses these capabilities to ensure his clients gain access to emerging knowledge regarding individual and organizational effectiveness.

Todd’s years of practice as a counselor and coach have provided expertise in facilitating change from an empowering and affirming stance. These divergent professional identities are linked by his creative approach to facilitation and leadership, informed by his training in design thinking and his experience in developing coursework and award-winning programs that have provided effective service for thousands of individuals. Todd believes in maximizing one’s life experience and creating workplaces that foster employee engagement, yielding greater productivity and fulfillment.

As a licensed professional counselor, Todd training and licensure enable him to utilize a variety of assessment instruments that may offer clients additional insights and perspectives. Todd has leveraged his skill set beyond the standard scope of counseling practice to better facilitate enhanced human functioning. His approach to individual and group work as a coach is fundamentally empowering, grounded in Motivational Interviewing, solution-focused modalities, and positive psychology, which helps clients identify and build upon their values and strengths.

Todd’s original research involves studies on motivation, well-being and goal accomplishment. He has developed and facilitated undergraduate and graduate courses in addition to training programs for professional continuing education and paraprofessional audiences. He has also designed multiple coaching initiatives, training hundreds of coaches into programs where they currently serve thousands of clients annually.

Todd holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from The Ohio State University. He is a licensed professional counselor with training in assessment, wellness counseling, personality testing, human development, adult learning, and motivational theory. He currently resides in Corvallis, OR.