Our Lens

Experiential learning transforms knowledge into action and perceptions into behavior. Mission Facilitator’s executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning and culture change work originate from a framework we call “Purpose Factor.”  Inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, our Purpose Factor approach combines age-old wisdom with modern adult learning, neuroscience, theatre and storytelling.  At Mission Facilitators we create learning experiences, that transform.

Let’s chat over coffee

With over 25 years’ of working with Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of leaders and teams in 19 countries, CEO Dean Newlund and his team of professional coaches and facilitators customize, coach, deliver and measure programs for forward-thinking organizations. Everything they do is focused on gaining deep understanding, developing trusting and lasting relationships and providing meaningful value that supports employees, leaders, customers and communities.

They love to work with leaders, teams and organizations who are, or want to be, purpose centered; who acknowledge the relationship culture has on operations, sales and ROI and who are ready to transform themselves into authentic leaders and organizations.  Through conversations, interviews, assessments and document review they aim to fully understand their clients’ unique and complex world. Whether “on the clock” or not, they want every interaction to be valuable.

Discover your Path to Purpose

We live and work a fractured existence.  Virtual communication tricks us into a false sense of genuine connection. Doing “more with less” has come to mean less accomplishment and more frustration. The 5-year visioning exercise is now a weekly ops meeting on making next month’s numbers.  The result: This New Normal awakens in many the desire to discover and express one’s purpose.

We ready you for the journey to do just that, guiding you and your organization on a path to transform how you express your true selves at work.