The training and development arm of your Human Resources department is all about developing leaders,

high performance teams, building engagement, increasing retention and creating a culture that can achieve tomorrow’s strategies. You have tool kits full of your favorite training programs, coaches, Six Sigma, lean process improvement, Baldride Award check lists, and Kotter and McKinsey 7s Change models. You know how to connect people development to business strategy. But, with limited resources its often necessary to partner with an experienced firm like Mission Facilitators. We’ve helped HR professions become heroes by developing innovative, creative learning approaches. We’ve helped increase engagement, achieve Best Places to Work status, improve productivity, coach others to become coaches and equip thousands of employees from around the world to find and express their passions in meaningful ways that achieve business results.

Throughout history, great leaders have left clues showing their transformational process. Our recent paper: The Transformational Journey of Purposeful Leadership, was developed with two decades of observing and facilitating leaders, along with age old wisdom captured by Joseph Campbell and his work on myth and story.


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You play a critical role in your company’s success. You may not always have the influence you need to drive change nor the skills to sustain it. While you have the influence, you may not feel comfortable you have the expertise to drive the changes you want. If your organization is struggling with teams that stumble, poor culture, low retention, or inexperienced leadership, take action—and don’t hesitate to rely on an expert.